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Our Team

Dr. Katie Higgins

Dr. Katie completed her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, graduating in 2018. While in school, she focused largely on rural community and mixed animal practice. Her interests in medicine can be described as eclectic, and include general surgery and dentistry for cats and dogs, wound treatment and management, backyard farm animal medicine, and exotic animal medicine. Her dream has always been to practice medicine in a mobile/ mixed animal/ rural setting. When the opportunity arose to help develop Rollin’ Paws Mobile Vet, Dr. Katie immediately and emphatically agreed. She is currently the practice manager for Rollin’ Paws- we are working together to create a general pet care model that fits your and your pet’s lifestyles, and to provide medical and preventative care in a comfortable and relaxed setting. Dr. Katie strongly believes in the human animal bond, and believes that the best medical care incorporates that bond. Her approach to medicine focuses on communication and trust-building, so that your pet can get appropriate treatment and care in a manner that is feasible and affordable for you to implement.

In her free time, Dr. Katie enjoys mountain biking and camping in Santa Fe’s magical mountainous landscape, gardening, cooking, and crafting (of all types- sewing, macrame, felting, papier mache, etc, etc). She also enjoys spending time at home with her partner and their two cat-children, Quinn and Oberon, and two chickens Beulah and Penelope.

Katie is looking forward to bringing quality care to you and your pets!


Dr. Nuria Clodius

Dr. Nuria Clodius grew up in Los Alamos, NM, and returned there to work at a small animal clinic after completing her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University in 2018. She loves exploring the beautiful New Mexican landscape with her two dogs, Felix and Lilly, and hanging out with her kitty companions, Aria and Cricket. Her other interests include running, horseback riding, and swimming.

She believes strongly in the importance of the human-animal bond for enriching our lives and allowing for the best level of medical care. As a result, she prioritizes reducing fear and anxiety whenever possible during visits. She also has a passion for managing complex internal medicine cases and canine/feline dentistry. She is currently providing relief veterinary care at several clinics in our area and is excited to meet more of the Rollin' Paws family. 

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Jarenda Ortiz

Jarenda, a Registered Veterinary Technician since 2018, established Rollin' Paws Mobile Vet in 2021.

Her experience as a nurse includes floor supervisor, ICU, emergency medicine, radiology, laboratory, anesthesiology, dental prophylaxis and dental radiography, abdominal surgery of all sorts; spays and neuters, whelping mothers and dystocia surgery, mass removal, and limb amputations. Her favorite part of her career is intensive care and emergency medicine.

She enjoys being with her family and exploring life with them, painting and drawing. She looks forward to meeting new patients and clients.

She truly looks forward to adventures as a mobile practice and providing veterinary services to our community.

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If you are looking for skill, patience and care for your companion, look no further than Amanda. As a skilled Veterinary Assistant you can trust that Amanda will care for your furry family member. Her skills include ICU and emergency care, General Practice medicine, surgery and anesthesia, diagnostic imaging and laboratory diagnostics.  No matter the situation you can trust that your companion is in caring arms.



Patrick is an experienced veterinary assistant that spends his time doing relief work at several local veterinary hospitals. He enjoys veterinary ultrasonography and advanced medicine. Providing patients with the best nursing is one of Patrick's strongest straits. He is the proud owner of Waggin' Moments Pet Photography and Animal Imaging Diagnostics. He spends his time enjoying the outdoors. (Compliments to Aries for providing a great profile picture). 

Staff: Meet the Team
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